Our Quality and Guarantees

Unique Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery Delivered From Melbourne to Anywhere in The World

Find the perfect token of your love at a valuable price. Ramzi's Custom Jewelry has a wide selection of affordable engagement rings with sparkling GIA diamonds, vibrant Ceylon sapphires, and many other unique gemstones including morganite and tanzanite.

Our rings look exquisite, but cost up to 40% less than you’ll pay at a retail location. We have a wide range of sizes, cuts, styles, and settings available for you to choose from. Because our relationship with our gems extends to the mines themselves, even our custom rings cost less than most engagement rings online.

Our Priorities:

Utmost Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority and that goes for every member of our team of qualified and dedicated personnel. We value the task of creating a treasure for you to cherish your entire life.

Offering Quality Custom Jewellery Online

The quality of our work is also paramount to everyone at Ramzi’s. We have a keen attention to detail and incredibly high standards because our name is our bond. It is because of our customers that we are able to offer such a wide range of elegant, unique engagement rings and jewellery at the lowest prices. Our success grants us access to a large inventory and dealer network.

The Finest Affordable Engagement Rings And Custom Rings Online

All of our custom rings and other pieces are affordable because of the volume of business we do and our direct relationship with mines and wholesalers. You’ll pay 30-40% less than retail at Ramzi's Custom Jewelry and we’ll deliver to your door for free.

Ethical Business Practices and Conflict Free Diamonds

We only work with a trusted network of established dealers in the industry to ensure all of our gemstones and jewellery is sourced from conflict free environments. You can shop with us guilt free.

Ramzi Guarantee

We guarantee that all fine diamonds, coloured gemstones, platinum Jewellery and gold Jewellery that we sell is genuine, authentic, and of the same quality and value as represented at the time of purchase.

Every diamond purchase comes complete with an Independent Lab Certificate from GIA for authentication.

We promise to repair or replace any purchase with manufacturing defects. Just contact us.

Free World-wide Shipping

We now offer worldwide shipping options. Build a ring online or choose one of our many styles of engagement rings and keepsake pieces from anywhere on the planet.

Call today on 1300 859 584 and our knowledgeable staff will assist you in any way you need.

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