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Unique Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery Delivered From Melbourne to Anywhere in Australia

Get the ring your partner will love for the price you need. Ramzi’s Custom Jewelry offers customers in Melbourne, Sydney and around Australia an amazing range of custom made affordable engagement rings from our online store. Complete with glittering diamonds or vibrant Ceylon sapphires, these are a beautiful start to a loving marriage.

Our rings can be 30 to 40 per cent cheaper than buying from a retail location, so you can start planning for the wedding sooner than you think. Available in a complete range of sizes and in both modern and classic styles, our diamond rings can be made from the most lustrous white, rose and yellow gold, because like a beautiful portrait, our gems need a frame to match. 

We have a wide range of gem cuts available, and in the event you can’t find what you’re looking for online, get in touch. Our jewellery-makers are skilled artists and are able to source or custom-make unique engagement rings for our customers. Ramzi’s involvement extends all the way back to the mine, so even custom-ordering with us can be cheaper than buying affordable engagement rings elsewhere.

Originally founded more than two decades ago in Sri Lanka, our company is now offering Australians a dedicated Melbourne location. Here is a unique chance for customers to access some of the world’s finest gemstones and be put in touch with the world’s best jewellery-makers through our network. The price of good jewellery drops when you go direct to the source – we are proud to offer cheap prices on dazzling pieces to our customers.

We work at every level of the industry, hand-picking the best gems as they emerge from mines around the world. From there, the finest specimens are delivered to our skilled in-house lapidary where they’re cut and polished to our exacting specifications. Those gems are then handed to our jewellery-makers where they become the unique, prized rings, necklaces and earrings you see in our catalogue.

Order from our complete selection online today for free delivery across the country. Whether you’re in Sydney, Perth or Darwin, we can get your chosen ring in your exact measurements to you cheaper and sooner. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call today on 1300 85 95 84 and our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you. 

Our Goal

The core goal of Ramzi's is ‘Utmost Customer Satisfaction’. Our team of qualified and dedicated personnel are continuously working towards the fulfilment of this goal. We aim to beautify you and adorn your memorable celebrations with the best of quality, value and service. Our sole objective is to make your Online shopping a pleasant and worthy experience.

" Ramzi is currently in the process of expanding it's business in to the shopping centres Australia wide. " 


‘Quality’ at Ramzi's is of supreme importance. Every piece of Jewelry that we make and sell is strictly supervised at each stage, right from the time it is crafted to the time it is shipped. Hence, we provide you with genuine and best quality diamonds. With the help of our advanced jeweller inventory and a large dealer network, we offer an exceptional range of stylish and elegant Jewelry designed by the finest designers.

Our Guarantee

Ramzi's guarantees that all fine diamonds, coloured gemstones, platinum jewelry and gold jewelry it sells is genuine, authentic, and is of the same quality and value as represented to the consumer at the time of purchase. Purchases will be accompanied by an Independent Lab Certificate from GIA. Ramzi's further guarantees that any defects in manufacturing present when the consumer receives their jewelry will be either repaired, or if repair is impossible, replaced. 

Cost Benefits

 Jewelry at Ramzi's Custom Jewelry comes with an attractive saving. It is almost 30-40% less than the retail price. It is conveniently and safely delivered to the location of your choice with complimentary shipping.

Conflict Free Diamonds

 Ramzi's Custom Jewelry only work with established dealers in the industry, which ensures that the diamonds and other materials come from a source free of conflict. 

Return Policy

We understand the importance of closely examining the Jewelry piece so that you can be sure that you have purchased the correct piece. Therefore, all Jewelry at Ramzi's Custom Jewelry are guaranteed and returnable within 30-days from the day you receive it. For more information Please read our Return Policy here

Be it your ideal engagement ring, wedding band or special gift, we take pride in being part of your celebration. We are very pleased to add our bit to the happiness of your special and precious moment. Convenience and stress free online shopping, combined with customer privacy and security makes Ramzi's Custom Jewelry a trusted and reliable destination for your Jewelry purchase. At Ramzi's, we make dreams come true!


Mailing address: 38 Chancellor Avenue Bundoora Victoria 3083 
Phone : 1300 85 95 84 / (03) 85968039
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