5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

1. 100% Australian Owned and Operated

We are a 100% Australian-owned company. Our employees are local and work for customer service from a dedicated Melbourne location.  

2. Exceptional Quality

At Ramzi’s Custom Jewelry, we take pride in delivering only the finest jewellery and gems to our customers. With a passion for crafting the best, we apply strict quality control and involve ourselves in every step of the production process – from sourcing the precious stones right through to the final task of polishing and mounting. This means not only can we provide customers with exquisite pieces, but we can also provide up to 40% off the recommended retail price, giving you huge savings on all our jewellery including engagement rings, wedding and anniversary ringsbridal jewellery and bridal sets online without compromising on quality.
Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the international gem industry. We are involved in every step of the process, from mining and cutting to polishing and mounting. As we only want to bring back the best for our customers, our team handpicks only the finest and most beautiful stones, ensuring truly exquisite diamond and gemstone jewellery that will be cherished forever.

3. An Extensive Range

Our dedication to quality extends to our entire range. Browse our website to see why many Australians are choosing our beautiful engagement rings or our men’s wedding bands for their special day. We believe that customers benefit most when they have the luxury of choice, which is why we bring you a wide range of gems – including Ceylon sapphirestanzanite and black diamonds.

4. Attractive saving on all our jewellery - We guarantee to provide natural and genuine products that are at least 30% cheaper than retail price

Get the ring your partner will love for the price you need. Ramzi’s Custom Jewelry offers customers in Melbourne, Sydney and around Australia an amazing range of affordable, custom made engagement rings online. Complete with glittering diamonds or vibrant Ceylon sapphires, these will make a beautiful start to a loving marriage.
Our diamond engagement rings online can be 30 to 40 percent cheaper than buying from a retail location, so you can start planning for the wedding sooner than you think. Available in a complete range of sizes and in both modern and classic styles, our diamond rings can be crafted with the most lustrous white, rose and yellow gold bands – because like a beautiful portrait, our gems need an equally exquisite frame to match.
We have a wide range of gem cuts and types available, including black diamond engagement rings. In the event that you can’t find what you’re looking for online, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our jewellery makers are skilled craftsmen and are able to source or custom-make unique engagement rings for our customers. Ramzi’s involvement extends all the way back to the mine, so even custom-ordering with us can be cheaper than buying cheap engagement rings elsewhere.
Give something extraordinary to the special ones in your life. Ramzi’s Custom Jewelry offers Australians exquisite pieces of custom jewelry at the best prices. The rings, necklaces and earrings we offer for sale are of the highest quality, and our gemstone jewelry is sourced from reputable family-owned mines in conflict-free areas.
Make your marriage magnificent from the very first day with our full range of custom engagement rings. Available in numerous styles and suitable for budgets of all sizes, our rings are breathtaking in their intricacy, craftsmanship and beauty. Our engagement rings are offered with any number of stones in cuts both classic and modern, from our ageless solitaire collection to the more daring halo and three stone ranges. We know that every hand, every person, and every relationship is different. Find something that encapsulates what’s unique about your marriage with help from Ramzi’s Custom Jewelry. 
Our jewellers also produce elegant white, rose and yellow gold necklaces and wedding bands. Although unadorned with gems, these are some of our most stunning and detailed pieces, featuring elegant designs of flowers, braids or garlands rendered in warm, brilliant gold. A perfect accompaniment to our engagement range, we also encourage you to browse our bridal sets for complementary pairs of rings.

5. A jewellery-maker of conscience, distinction and refinement

Over two decades, we’ve built up a strong and well-deserved reputation for quality, artisanship and responsibility in our homeland of Sri Lanka. Home to some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world, Sri Lanka was once known as the ‘Island of Gems’ with good reason. We are proud to offer our Melbourne and Australian customers Ceylon (Sri Lankan) sapphires – some of the most vibrant and lustrous in the world – alongside our responsibly-sourced diamonds and tanzanite.
Know that when you buy from Ramzi’s Custom Jewelry you are buying high-quality pieces made from only the best materials, discerningly chosen by some of the world’s top jewellers. With affordable prices, free delivery Australia-wide and layby options, it’s never been easier to get the most beautiful pieces in the world.
Order online today from our Melbourne store, or call 1300 85 95 84 to learn more about our range. Take a look through our range and find out why many Australians are now choosing to shop jewellery from us for their engagement, anniversary, wedding or birthday. 

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